ConfyRoads 24V Portable Car Heater & Defroster


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Isn’t it frustrating to start your car’s engine in the winter?
It takes too long for it to warm up and when it finally does,
your hands are freezing on the steering wheel 🥶

Problem solved with our ConfyRoads 24V Portable Car Heater & Defroster!
Just plug it into your car’s power outlet
and enjoy heating in less than 30 seconds.

The Perfect Winter Companion For Drivers
It will quickly and efficiently heat the air in the car without having to wait
for the engine to warm up. It can also defog, demist, defrost
and cool your car, which makes it great for all seasons.

Very Easy To Set Up
Simply plug the heater in your car’s cigarette lighter
and press the fan or heater switch to turn it on.
Includes a built-in fuse in order to protect your car’s electrical system.
Perfect for all vehicles with a 24 V battery.
If your car is equipped with a 12 V battery
please consider our 12V Portable Car Heater & Defroster.
Click here to check it out.

Adjustable Angle
Can be easily rotated to 360 degrees and adapted to blow the heated air
in the direction you need.
Allows you to warm the space inside the car, the windshield
or side windows.

Helps You Save Fuel
Our portable car heater saves you time and fuel by using your car’s
alternator for power, instead of gas.

Portable & Lightweight
The ConfyRoads 24V Portable Car Heater & Defroster
is small, compact and very light, which makes it easy to carry or move
in order to use in multiple cars, according to your needs.




☛ Functions: Heater, Cooler, Defrost, Demist, Defog
☛ Color: Black
☛ Made Of: High Quality ABS Plastic
☛ Power: 24V Suitable For Larger Vehicles (trucks, buses etc.)
☛ 12V Battery version available, please click here to check it out
☛ Size: about 12cm x 10cm x 7.2cm / 4.72in x 3.93in x 2.83in
☛ Cable length: about 110cm / 43.31in
☛ Weight: about 370g / 13.05oz

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