FittBest Smart Adjustable Weighted Hula Hoop


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Hula hooping is a safe and fun way to burn calories and body fat,
while improving your balance and strengthening your muscles.

Do you wish to have the body of a goddess?
Upgrade your hula hoop experience today with our
FittBest Smart Adjustable Weighted Hula Hoop!



From Woman To Goddess
Burn up to 403 calories an hour! It doesn’t just shape your waist,
it also creates long lasting benefits on numerous muscle groups.
Perfect to use if you wish to have graceful legs, thin waist, slim arms and tight buttocks.
Can be used by women, children and men.

Improved Workout Experience
Don’t worry about keeping it up! Unlike traditional hula hoops,
our FittBest Smart Adjustable Weighted Hula Hoop rests comfortably
on your waist, without ever falling.
This allows you to exercise more in the same amount of time.
Great for fitness, weight loss or just plain fun.

Adjustable Waist
Connected by 24 detachable clips, it will suit waist sizes up 130cm / 51 inches.
This makes it perfect for everyone in your family or friend group.
You can use it forever and ever, even if your waist size changes.

Custom Ball Weight
Whether you want a heavier or lighter ball, simply add salt, powder,
sand or any other material, according to your needs.

Easy To Assemble
First add as many knots as you wish, according to your waist size.
Open the power ball, add weight and then place it on the slide rail.
Connect the knots and you’re good to go!




1x FittBest Smart Adjustable Weighted Hula Hoop (24 knots)



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