ColdByeBye Warm Toes Rechargeable Heated Socks


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Got cold feet? We know how it feels…

Our ColdByeBye Warm Toes Rechargeable Heated Socks
will turn your feet from frozen to “toes-ty” in no time,
keeping them warm and cozy for hours while working outside in the cold,
skiing or having a snowball fight.



Fast and High Efficiency Heating
Say goodbye to frostbites and enjoy your day in the snow!
They start warming your feet in less than 30 seconds.
The heating elements will heat your toes,
keeping them warm even in toughest temperatures.

Perfect For Outdoor Winter Activities
Great for snow skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, motorcycling,
fishing, hunting, shoveling snow, outdoor work or just having fun in the snow.
Helps with Raynaud’s, arthritis, bad circulation,
chronically cold feet, and more.

Includes Rechargeable Batteries
Keeps constant warm temperature for up to 8 hours with 3 leves of heat!
Easy to recharge your batteries literally anywhere
using the USB charger.

3 Temperature Levels Up To 140°F / 60°C
High: 60°C / 140°F
Medium: 50°C / 122°F
Low: 40°C / 104°F

Unisex & Universal Size Socks
Our ColdByeBye Warm Toes Rechargeable Heated Socks are comfy and stretchy,
thus being able to fit small or big, men and women’s feet.
Compatible with shoe sizes US 5-14 / EU 35-48 / UK 2-14.




1. Charge Up – Fully charge the batteries before use with the provided USB charger
2. Plug-In – Connect the battery to the plug located in the sock’s pocket
3. Turn On – Press On/Off to start and adjust the temperature level



1x Pair Of ColdByeBye Warm Toes Rechargeable Heated Socks
1x USB Charging Cable
2x Packs Of Rechargeable Batteries



We Guarantee That You’ll Love It
Or You Get Your Money Back!
We want to make sure you have a 100% HAPPY experience.
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